If you have a design that you think would look good on a wheel cover, then please do drop us an e-mail to discuss.  We can supply the graphic only if you have a plain wheel cover that you’d like to brighten up, and if there is an existing design that you wish to get rid of, we can supply the new graphic on a circular coloured panel to cover it up.
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Standard 4X4 wheel covers are available in black weatherproof material with a wrinkle free ABS plastic centre dish.  Stainless steel surrounds are also available.  Virtually any block colour from our comprehensive range of self-adhesive vinyls can be used to create a striking design in the centre of the cover, either on the black or  using a white background.
Off Road Club wheel cover.
Nissan Terrano Wheel Cover
The off-road club logo to the right was re-drawn before the wheel cover was produced - the client went on to order polo shirts and bumper stickers using the same logo.