Pinstripe is available in any of the standard colours in our comprehensive range and can either be purchased by the 50m roll, or in bulk to reduce the per roll cost.  If you require either bulk or single rolls please let us know the width and colour and we will provide a quote.
Various rolls of striping
If you are interested in having special striping cut for your yacht or you require a basic parallel stripe, please send us an e-mail with your requirements and we will respond with a quote.
The burgundy striping shown here was produced specially for the yacht ‘Brief of Hamble’.  The line of the stripe on the hull was established by the refit team and a plan drawn by taking measurements along a set line.  These were then transposed onto our cutting software and the striping cut from a sheet of standard 5-7yr vinyl.
These photographs were taken when the striping had done one full season.  It has held up very well, with no signs of peeling or colour degradation.
Custom pinstriping on Beneteau
Custom pinstriping on Beneteau
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