A5 is the minimum requirement for sign sizes.

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From Sunday 1st July 2007 all enclosed public places, workplaces, public vehicles and work vehicles in England have become smoke-free by law.

All smoke-free premises and vehicles need to display the correct signage.  Each entrance of a premises must display signs, and vehicles must display at least one sign in each compartment of  the vehicle.

Signs ensure people are aware of the rules, that you are being responsible in alerting them and show  that you are complying with the relevant law.

Signs must be at least A5 in size, such as the example to the left, with the symbol being at least 70mm in diameter.

The smoke free symbol may also be used in certain cases and must be at least 70mm in diameter.

On the A5 example shown here, the words ‘these premises’ may be changed to reflect the type of premises you are controlling, such as ‘this bus shelter’ or ‘this restaurant’.

I can supply smoke free signs to your own requirements in either cut self-adhesive vinyl for one-offs and small quantities, or digitally and screen printed for larger quantities of about 50 upwards.

If you do not have a specific design then I can set this up for you before production takes place.  Further details on the new regulations are also available, so please get in touch if you want clarification in order to calculate the correct quantities.

If you are interested in getting a price, or you require further information please click the link below and send me your comments.


Symbols must be a minimum of 70mm dia..